10Jul2017 - Begin setup of Grav Multisite Environment: Initial implementation will be for the dedicated Development [/dev] section where the individual plugins, skeletons and themes will be upgraded to validated, cross-platform/device web-accessible standards compliance. The order of sub-sites will be determined based upon other projects under development while being logged, notated, archived and updated along the way.

In addition, a new device has been introduced to our beta testing lab that is running Andriod v5.1.1 Lollypop. Like the other “obsolete” devices, it will be used to test our project in a variety of ways while simultaneously examining seemingly unrelated and related web-accessibility issues. Unlike the other devices, this one is still rather popular and readily available therefor, may be worth exploring expeditiously in a variety of ways.

29Jun2017 - Initial Grav Web-Accessibility Project: Featuring the out of the box Grav Core + Admin Plugin Current v1.2.4 & other currently available themes, skeletons & themes. Please review the Development Page for more up to date information regarding the themes, skeletons and plugins being explored and developed.

Grav is Running!

You have installed Grav successfully

Congratulations! You have installed the Base Grav Package that provides a simple page and the default antimatter theme to get you started.

If you want a more full-featured base install, you should check out Skeleton packages available in the downloads.

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Edit this Page

To edit this page, simply navigate to the folder you installed Grav into, and then browse to the user/pages/01.home folder and open the default.md file in your editor of choice. You will see the content of this page in Markdown format.

Create a New Page

Creating a new page is a simple affair in Grav. Simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your pages folder: user/pages/ and create a new folder. In this example, we will use explicit default ordering and call the folder 02.mypage.
  2. Launch your text editor and paste in the following sample code:

    title: My New Page
    # My New Page!
    This is the body of **my new page** and I can easily use _Markdown_ syntax here.
  3. Save this file in the user/pages/02.mypage/ folder as default.md. This will tell Grav to render the page using the default template.
  4. That is it! Reload your browser to see your new page in the menu.

NOTE: The page will automatically show up in the Menu after the "Home" menu item. If you wish to change the name that shows up in the Menu, simple add: menu: My Page between the dashes in the page content. This is called the YAML front matter, and it is where you configure page-specific options.